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July feature: Bungalow Living, Artful Fashions, Zimmerman


Dressing In Elegance

style design by lisa

It's not just what we wear...it's the space in which we dress.

~ Our precious fashions we adore and how we display & care for them.

D R E S S I N G  in  E L E G A N C E


Elegance is a mood, a softer type of class that sets you apart. It's  how you notice detail of the utmost quality.
It's how carefully you care for your precious wardrobe, how you show off your favorite gems in the best light possible even if it's just for you.

 Sitting pretty. Standing pretty. Walking pretty. BEING pretty.

Lounge Chairs. Sitting Rooms. Vanity Tables. Closets. Nature Spots. Vintage / Modern Spaces.

The next beauty secret, your beau, your work, your shoes. We seem to need a hideaway place for moments to reflect and feel totally ourselves where we can stare or yell into the mirror in private....fashionably. 

Man Cave. Woman Cave. 

  Hollywood Dressing Rooms or Theatre Stage Make-Up Rooms are becoming more accommodating & stylish.
From backstage to luxury real estate, it's a toss up when it comes to choosing a fancy kitchen or a wardrobe closet the size of a guest room.

Elegant, Modern Bathrooms are a necessity when traveling or purchasing a new home. Where we primp, gossip or just "Be" is crucial to how we wear the outer part of ourselves. 

I attended a high-brow wedding a few years back. I vividly remember the simple, elegantly displayed fragrant flowers on the sink in the restroom and how refreshed I felt walking back out into the reception. I never forgot that moment. It made me feel beautiful as I began to walk a bit slower & confident. Unfortunately it was the only memorable thing the entire day....~ lisa

Age 4 and not caring if the shoes don't fit and would skip dinner to walk around in them....