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July feature: Bungalow Living, Artful Fashions, Zimmerman



       S P A R K L E &
       S H I N E          

"Add a new light to your life this season. 
Bring out your inner sparkle." ~ lisa

   "It's all in the way the light falls on the fabric as if a little magic is happening right before our eyes." 
~ lisa

 S H I N Y mainstream fashion & decor almost came to a hault in the 90's. The styles became closeouts and laughed at on the runways. Perhaps at the time of powder blue shirts and khaki pants (AKA: the dot.com phase) could not be complimented or transitioned into a glamorous look from office to party. 
Michael Jackson's passing may have brought back hope for keeping that one sparkly object on hand to remind us that stage glam can still rock streetwear at any given moment.

NOW "SHINY" is accepted as a way to express freedom and personal advocacy anytime, anywhere. Celebration is becoming an everyday lifestyle, a way to stay universally connected, entrepreneurial-spirited and globally helpful." ~ lisa

 S H I N E  N O W.

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