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Cafe` Culture 2015

Cafe` Culture 2015

"No doubt the cafe` life is here to stay.

Sipping globally renowned specialty coffees & exotic teas just sounds enticing no matter how you present it.

From tasting flights, pour- overs, welcoming all pets to promoting the organically furnished, urban aesthetic...
my nostalgic coffee mug now has its place on the shelf.

Running a coffee shop is a highly spirited, fierce competition for cafe` entrepreneurs; and its an art in itself. Not to mention the ongoing education process of the blending of successful leaf and bean magic. 

Now implementing a zero-waste policy and garden space for compost management, the culture of cafe` life is rapidly growing as a way to build success in any type of relationship you desire." ~ lisa

Bed Heads. Grungers. Tourists. Local Yokals. Mom's & Daughters. Tech Nerds. Architects. Fashion Designers. Songwriters. Lawyers. Actors. Foreign Students. Painters. Gardeners. Bookkeepers. Cancer Patients. Teachers. Cops. 

"From what I've learned...you can have a $20k espresso machine and still ruin coffee in under 20 seconds."~ lisa

I've scoped out some of the finest cafe' and coffee houses around the globe.
Here's what they're saying...

Grand Rapids, MI
Clocking in at number three on our list of best roasters in the country, Madcap's put Grand Rapids on the coffee map and set themselves apart from other shops by offering tasting flights, serving espresso in snifters to emphasize the intense aromatics, and implementing a zero-waste policy by trading trash cans for bus bins and sorting all of their trash into compost and recyclables.

Dallas, TX
By day, Ascension’s using a $20k espresso machine to brew beans from the largest privately owned plantation in Rwanda, because the owner just happens to sit on the board. At night, they move all the tables -- which are made from former bowling alley lanes -- to form an intimate wine bar with a killer menu. Pro tip: Go for the Kyoto drip.

New York, NY
Pretentious-quality coffee without the pretentiousness, Everyman opened in 2007 in the cramped corner of the lobby of a theater near Union Square and expanded in 2012 to an equally-cramped storefront of their own. The owner has coffee tattoos on his knuckles, single-origin roasts on the brain, and no menu on the wall: instead of awkwardly gazing at a chalkboard, customers are encouraged to awkwardly converse with the baristas to settle on their order, forcing a bit more humanity into the transaction and encouraging experimentation with AeroPress and Chemex.

Canal St. Martin in Paris
From a flat white to a cappuccino, Café Craft’s able baristas ensure they prepare your coffee exactly the way you like. The café also boasts great Wi-Fi and stylish minimalist furnishings, which make this is a great place to take your laptop and get some work done. You’ll find Café Craft on 24 Rue des Vinaigriers in the 10th Arrondissement. This hip street is just steps away from the ever lovely Canal St Martin.

Hardware Societe, Melbourne

To be honest, the name of this cafe hints at it being a hipsters’ paradise. But it’s actually a lovely little cafe tucked away on Hardware Lane, serving up perfectly brewed coffee and amazingly crafted breakfasts. A great place for a pre-work brekky meeting, or a place to eat away your hangover.

Verve Coffee

Santa Cruz, CA

Just over the Santa Cruz mountains from San Jose you will find what is simply the best all around coffee shop in Northern California, Verve Coffee in downtown Santa Cruz. With a wide variety of freshly roasted coffee to take home, amazing espresso drinks and by far the best example of a nitro tap cold brew in the region, Verve Coffee is reason enough to make the trip. This beautiful shop is flagship home to one of the best up and coming coffee roasters in the United States.

"A place to "BE" and feel like sharing. Because we all are striving to be appreciated by others for who we wish to become." ~ lisa