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The CAPE: The Hero is Back

The Cape: The Hero is Back
FALL 2019

T H E   C A P E

The hero is back.

"The only piece of fashion that feels like a magical cocoon with super powers". -lisa

Alberta Ferretti. Max Mara. Alexander McQueen. Georges Hobeika. Elie Saab. Talbot Runoff. Valentino. Paco Robanne.

"The CAPE has been around for centuries. 

Just 5 years ago it swept the runways again with a passion; morphing into modern gowns with cape-like chiffon overlays, detachable bridal trains, 50's french coquette styles, weekend cafe wraps to hooded haute couture". 

"I'm never getting rid of my black velvet cape. NEVER.
It makes me feel like a little girl who's living a big dream".


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The Spirit of Ziegfeld

The Spirit of Ziegfeld
October 2019


The feathers. The fringe. The headpieces. 

The dedication. The drama. The show.

"The ZIEGFELD SPIRIT lives on. 

You just need to be reminded". -lisa

"Hollywood royalty & The Ziegfeld Follies gave us all empowerment;  To live with a little less fear in front of the camera. Everyone could be someone special, beautiful and part of history.  Current fashion trends are showing signs of returning to the era of a softer beauty often complete with pin curls, bow lips, satin and diamonds". - lisa

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Breathtaking in Black


the intrigue. the wonder. the elegance. 

  an eclectic fashion era has arrived

but black is still the BOSS.

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Anna Sui FALL Poptimism

Anna Sui Fall Poptimism
September 2019



A gorgeous-bold new transition from Spring. 

"With her own career mood board as a backdrop and an eye popping, luxurious color palette, Anna blends the 60s with sophisticated punk- remaining totally feminine like no other".
Calling it POPTIMISM.


Anna Sui is an American fashion designer who continues to amaze with her bold, whimsical styles that capture the funk of fashion and culture from Asia to Detroit to New York. Anna still works in her original NY studio from when she came on scene in the 80's.     

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