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CREATIVE DIRECTION | REDESIGN | RETAIL MAKEOVERS | EDITORIAL STYLING                                                                          

I love redesigning shops for challenged retail owners, creating stunning web sites for fashion & art businesses- applying them to commercial environments. 

I follow emerging trends while knowing the importance of staying focused on the original vision of your own brand. I wear a lot of hats- merging my background in music and merchandising; using my instincts to bring out the true core of my clients, who they are, pinpointing the story behind their product. 

With a lifelong passion for edgy couture and ethereal photo journalism, collaborating behind the lens with a cinematic approach during the work process is where I feel most successful.

Initiating extreme value is always the goal with every client and project I bring on. 

I work remote or on site. When I'm not designing or creating content on this blog you can find me walking dogs or sipping cappuccino-often  simultaneously". 


Contact for L Style Design Services and Consulting. 

E-mail:  L Style Fashion


 Private client list upon request.