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July feature: Bungalow Living, Zimmerman Fashion 2018


"Chic Boutiques"

             CHIC BOUTIQUES 

 A beautiful place to escape 
where distraction is meant to be. 

 Luxury real estate 
for fashion.  

aesthetics divine.







I am a stickler for well kept mannequins. Either keep them like new or get rid of them. Treat these life-like looking creatures as if you are showing them off in your upcoming runway collection. 

Sparse design w/ an industrial lofty look~ like with cages & old desks add to the ambiance of this men's shop and may help in finding that unique designer that suddenly goes global.

To me, skincare should have impeccable packaging and displayed to make you feel you have just found an earthly treasure.

   SLEEK. Chic. NOW.


   Create VIBE on the outside first.


CHOCOLATE?  It may speak for itself but there is an art to selling our favorite morsels of love... 


Eclectic decor & exposed brick are trendy but refinishing your old floors* can turn your retail space into a redesigned showroom for ideas and can instantly & aesthetically educate clientele on how you updated your biz.

*This particular floor treatment is called "Power Floated Concrete".

This urban-chic space has rustic, geo-shaped, organic wood floors that pop but surprisingly does not take away from their brand.

Distressed interiors can surprisingly look expensive when done with minimal merchandise and not much color as in this small, charming yet imaginative, impactful space.


We tend to treat things differently when there is only one item of its kind present as opposed to several options. We immediately realize that one dress is on the form for a reason.
I believe in the power of selling "One of a Kind".
~ lisa 

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