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All About Eyes And Beyond...


             ALL ABOUT EYES and BEYOND.

fantasy. soulful. queen beauty. mystical. artful. focused. deep. smoky. clear. 

"Smoky eyes when done with precision and makeup artistry talent are the mainstay and the staple in the makeup industry from intentionally sloppy to flawless looks that say "Daring", "Sexy" "Unforgettable" all in one glance".
 ~ lisa


tips from the pros and fantasy runway makeup looks

" Before makeup application, to achieve that dewy, romance look with a bit of surreal feel...you must have beautifully prepped skin and believe in the era and character you wish to state through your eyes".  ~lisa

P r o     t i p s

The Modern Cat Eye

How To Wear It: Trace on liner using a fine-tipped makeup brush (the better for getting the perfect curve and flicked-up edge) and go for a gel formula with a high-gloss finish to catch the light.

Butterfly Eyes

How to Wear It: Blend a variety of iridescent cream shadows—from purple to green to brown--working from the inner to the outer corners.

Red Signals

At first, it seemed like spring would be a season of pale lips. Then red colors hit with a bang, most noticeably at Burberry where models wore a creamy scarlet hue that generated major buzz. At Prada, makeup queen Pat McGrath went for a matte crimson, outlining the outermost part of lips in red pencil that accentuated the shape of the mouth (tip: this makes lips look bigger and fuller). All told, the season’s rouges ranged from pinky-red at Missoni and Oscar de la Renta to the classic power red at Jean Paul Gaultier to the dark and dramatic black cherry at Jonathan Saunders, proving the enduring appeal of being in the red.

R U N W A Y  Makeup

" For Beautiful Eyes, Look for the Good In Others..."
-Audrey Hepburn

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