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Thru the lens with Benjamin Kanarek

THRU the LENS with Ben Kanarek~

"I am often in the world of breathtaking beauty while working to visually go beyond the normal realm of what most would interpret as perfection. 

As a seeker of finding and capturing the emotional mystique in almost everything, seldom do I stop in my tracks and want to share the impeccable work of a true artist who leaves me speechless.
The fashion imagery of Benjamin Kanarek and his story are compelling.

Although these images were photographed fashionably late in 2014...I felt they are the epitome of how a soft breezy close up and timeless attitude come together for an edgy yet wispy look in nature's most delicate light. Simply radiant".

~ lisa

BENJAMIN KANAREK, photographer.
Model: Dauphine McKee
For: Haute Couture ELLE- Vietnam 

 Ben & Dauphine.

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