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Edwardian Beloved


"Edwardian - a beloved era and fashion style I will be forever drawn to. 
The intrigue haunts me and romances me simultaneously. From old Victorian looks to modern whimsical designs, the paths it continues to create for fashion artists and moi...
 are endless". 
~ lisa

          E D W A R D I A N   b e l o v e d


The elegance, the fabric, the eyes, the flow, the lace, the mystery, the cut, the calm nature, the confidence, the layering, the multi- textures, the whimsy, the walk, the grace.

The lace is heavy, layered and full of detail with thoughtful patterns throughout; once designed to be passed on to the next generation.

The transition of Edwardian fashion from the early 1900's to present times has remarkably held its value while intertwining its beauty and recognizable allure into our global fashion market.

              "May the beloved Edwardian era continue its flirtatious charm and "Good Wife", spirited elegance always" ~ lisa  

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